ISS is a Romanian based software company with subsidiaries in Moldova and Ukraine. ISS is pursuing an integrated business model covering a complete range of IT-services from consulting, project management, systems integration, software development, customer support services (maintenance, technical support, training) and managed services. => see more


mas is a management consulting company helping management teams, boards and investors facing complex challenges, dealing with strategic issues, developing opportunities and improving their performance. mas delivers elegant solutions for complex issues in strategy, corporate governance, information technology and performance improvement and help our clients to put them in place. At the core of our firm is a group of partners with extensive management and consulting experience at the C- and Board levels => see more


has specialized in mould (also germ) decontamination and desinfection services. Cleanworxx is mainly focusing on research, product development, quality assurance and overall marketing, while operative business is done via well establish franchise network in Austria, Germany and Switzerland. See more


was established 2003 in Slovakia as a software-distribution and re-selling company with a strong focus on CEE and Middle East region. Over the time protelkom has extended it´s business model to outsourced IT-Software Development and delivery of experienced CEE IT-personell to Western European clients.protelkom´s objective is to deliver state-of-the-art solutions to both client sets:
• on the one hand out-of-the-box SW-Solutions to CEE and ME clients, where still a high percentage of home-grown and inadequate SW-Solutions is in use
• and on the other hand providing highly educated IT-experts to Western European markets, where the shortage of technical staff is seen as one of the biggest obstacles for further growth and economic development. See more

Fluxx Software Factory s.r.l.
Fluxx is a company delivering near-shore Software Development Services with a strong focus on Mobile Solutions, Portals and Apps.
Bujattigasse GmbH: tbd

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